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A Little Touch of Europe in Bennet

Europe in Bennet      Lance's Journal

Arp Clock and Wood Shop gives you the opportunity to experience a little touch of Europe without ever leaving the United States. Just visit the unique shop in Bennet, Nebraska.

Alpine Dancers

Alpine Dancers - Enjoy the alpine dancers as they perform for you. The dancers over the main entrance were designed and built by Arp Clock and Wood Shop. Listen for the music and watch the dancers from noon-12:10, 5:00-5:10, 6:00-6:10, and 7:00-7:10. Or if your visit to Bennet is at a different time, just ask to see the dancers. Many European city squares feature a Glockenspiel of some type.

Lion Fountain

Four Lion Fountain - Pause for a moment to enjoy the Four Lion Fountain. Water flows from the stately lions and bubbles from the delicate finial on top, creating a symphony of water, style, and sound. Let your thoughts be transported to a charming European village plaza.

Street Clock - Check the time on the nostalgic Street Clock. Built by Arp Clock and Wood Shop, the turn-of-the-century style clock has been marking the passing of time since 1989.

Visit Bennet, nestled in the rolling hills of southeast Nebraska! Check the time on the nostalgic street clock or relax by the lion fountain. Watch the Glockenspiel dancers perform for you. Stop in for a chat with Greg and Jean at Arp Clock and Wood shop. Have a great time in our village!

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