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Lance's Journal

Europe in Bennet      Lance's Journal

On May 4, 2009, KOLN/KGIN television of Lincoln and Grand Island, Nebraska, ran the following story about Greg Arp in a segment called Lance‚s Journal.

"Greg Arp's wife calls him "MacGyver" because he has been known to fix almost anything. He's a man of many talents and with Greg, it's kind of hard to tell where works ends and where fun begins.

He dabbles in a bit of this and a bit of that and he seems to know something about everything in between. From fixing clocks to growing orchids, Greg is a jack of all trades.

If you've ever been through Bennet, just southeast of Lincoln, you've probably noticed the big clock on the main drag. That clock sits right outside Greg's wood/clock shop.

Inside the walls of his workplace, time marches on, Greg says, "They always say a clean bench is a rather boring workspace and mine's definitely not very boring."

The fact that Greg fixes clocks for a living is really no big surprise, "My Mom always said I was born with screwdriver in my hands because I can never remember not tinkering", declares Greg.

After having fixed 2,000 clocks, the 63-year-old sees the irony in his work, "Actually it's kind of a funny occupation cause you're actually rebuilding the things you're working against, cause we're always working against the clock."

And when you're Greg, there usually aren't enough hours in the day, he also likes to spend time restoring antique cars, "I got my first car in 1958 when I was 13 years old from my grandfather and it kind of started a life-long hobby."

Another one of Greg's passions includes working in his back yard green house, "It's been a real successful place to grow orchids and tropicals. It's been fun."

And the person responsible for keeping Greg organized is Jean, his wife and business partner for 42 years, Jean says, "He's just never satisfied doing one thing; there just always has to be another project he's thinking about. He might be working on one and thinking of something else, that's just the way he is!"

Greg says the bottom line is, "I never have chance to get bored, put it that way!""

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